WhatsApp new feature will block users from taking screenshots

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WhatsApp has been working on some new features for some time that include Dark mode, new audio attachment UI, Authentication and more, but a fresh report suggests that a new WhatsApp feature will let you block chat screenshots that will be a part of WhatsApp’s Authentication feature.

According to reports, WhatsApp users using the authentication feature to lock their app won’t be able to take screenshots of the chat. This feature will not stop the other person on the receiving end from taking the screenshot if the Authentication feature is on. It not clear though, why WhatsApp plans on adding this feature.

As soon as the Authentication feature is enabled, one will be able to reply using the Notification bar and also answer calls if WhatsApp is locked. WhatsApp could soon launch this feature on Android, which was spotted in 2.19.106 WhatsApp beta version for Android.

Reports suggest that the beta update will reportedly bring a new Doodle UI where WhatsApp users will see two separate tabs for Stickers and Emojis.

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