Universal Robots Focuses on SMEs in India

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World’s largest manufacturer and supplier of collaborative robot, or cobot, Universal Robots, is focusing on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India. According to top executives of the company, Universal Robots is planning to grow its business in India.

Over two years, the robotic firm has supplied 400 cobots to different companies across India, of which 10% have been sold to SMEs.

“We are growing 100% in India year-on-year and this will continue for the foreseeable future,” said Pradeep David, general manager, South Asia, Universal Robots.

“There is huge demand from the SME sector which we had not seen earlier. So, we are changing our approach to cater to them,” Mr. David added.

Indian startups, especially SMEs working in emerging sectors, have been widely using collaborative robots to help their research and product development.

“Big companies are installing cobots but what is exciting over the last two years is that small companies are also [able to] afford cobots which are paying back in one or two years,” he added.

Universal Robots is planning to supply more cobots to startups in India this year.

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