Uber Launches New App for Drivers

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Cab aggregator Uber has unveiled an exclusive new app for its drivers. The new app is loaded with features like real-time earnings tracker that helps drivers keep an account of their daily income from Uber rides.

The move is part of Uber’s ‘180 days of change’ program that was launched last June to make changes requested by drivers, such as tipping and compensation for the time spent waiting for passengers.

“While 180 Days was about correcting missteps of the past, we also needed to think longer term, and the obvious place to start was the Driver app,” Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi said in a statement.

The new app will also introduce a new status bar to help drivers decide their next location based on a spike in requests, along with a notification feature that allows drivers to see messages about upcoming earnings opportunities and feedback from riders among other things.

The new app will also introduce a status bar to help drivers decide their next location based on ride requests, along with a message notification feature that informs drivers about upcoming earning opportunities.

Uber has been trying to introduce more reforms that help drivers in response to the increased complaints from drivers about their payroll and treatment. The drivers in India were on strike for a few days this year. 

Through the new steps, Uber tries to bring back its credibility in the cab hailing segment. The company has been facing fierce competition in US and Europe. It suffered an estimated loss of $4 billion last year.

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