Two Experiential Filmmakers from the Mountains!

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Who we are?

We are Rohan Thakur and Bharati Bahrani – two content creators living in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Our passion for travelling and making films based on our experiences drove us to move to the mountains and set up a small film company called “Ronnie and Barty – A Mountain Film Co.” We create original content based in and around the Himalayas, reflecting the lifestyle, culture, people and music of the region.

Our inspiration

Inspiration lies in everything around us – the mountains that shift shape with the seasons, the different shades of blue of the sky, a new person that pops into our lives, a chord progression or a melody, or even an interesting YouTube video.

But as we know that everything is constantly changing, externally as well as internally, and this constant shift in perspective is what really drives us. As time ticks on, the ideas and beliefs in our minds evolve – we evolve – as artists, as musicians, and as human beings. This evolution, in ourselves and the environment, keeps inspiring us to try something different always.

Tip to the beginners in our industry

JUST GO FOR IT! Don’t hesitate or overthink things, don’t strive for perfection right from the get-go, don’t make excuses – just DO DO DO!!!

Biggest influence on our lives

As young kids watching TV, aspiring to travel the world, there was only one person who checked all the boxes, and that’s Mr. Ian Wright and his mind-blowing adventures on “The Lonely Planet” series. But more recently we would have to say that the enlightening podcasts by Joe Rogan have been influencing our thinking process.

What are we grateful for?

Just to be alive – however cliched that may sound. We are grateful for each day that we spend in the Himalayas and everything that we get from them – the energy, the inspiration, the blessings.

How do we unwind?

Relishing a big fat sandwich!

EOI Stories

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