Top 5 Emerging Ecommerce Startups in India

Emerging Indian Ecommerce Startups

Ecommerce has made immense changes in Indian market and altered traditional ways of door-to-door marketing.

You might be wondering:

How ecommerce influenced us?

Well, it enabled us to shop our favourite items with a few clicks. No bargaining. No long queues at the cash counter!

In India, ecommerce became synonymous with Flipkart and Amazon.

But did you know?

There are other players too who are winning the battle in their own special way. With their disciplined marketing and insightful strategies, they promise something bigger!

Learn more about them here:

1. StoreKing


StoreKing does not want to be the next Flipkart or Amazon. Because it strives to make lives better, not the numbers greater!

The Bangalore-based startup is an instant revolution in ecommerce platform.


StoreKing successfully brought ecommerce to the lives of illiterate village folks who don’t even know how to write their address.

Sridhar Gundaiah, CEO of StoreKing, conducted a survey among villages in Karnataka before venturing into business.

He understood that major Indian startups are yet to explore this area. He laid out plans to solve the grassroot problem- the difficulty to understand English. So he just built the entire user interface in regional languages so that everyone could use it.

As an ecommerce platform, StoreKing tries to promote local retailers by helping them sell online. The company approaches a local retailer and convinces them to buy a StoreKing tablet or set up a kiosk that enables them to sell online.

The initial installation charge is less than ₹10,000 which should be affordable for most of the retailers. After installation of the StoreKing kiosk, retailers can help customers place an order via the StoreKing tablet.

This provides an online shopping experience for customers. Once the purchase is made, the payment is given in cash. The purchased item will be delivered within 48 hours.

StoreKing has partnerships with all major companies across the globe such as Amazon, Facebook etc.

Here’s what StoreKing has become now:

Founded in 2014, the company has nearly 5,000 kiosks across India and is planning to expand to more remote locations to help rural communities.

It recently raised $16 million for expansion. With potential investors and extensive partnership at its side, StoreKing, in all possibilities might become a phenomenon in ecommerce sector by transforming rural India.

2.Burger Singh

Burger Singh 

Burger Singh is an exclusive online shop for craft burgers. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

The idea of setting up an exclusive online burger shop occupied the brainy head of Kabir Singh, a top UK university graduate, when he was at the zenith of his professional career.

What made him sacrifice his well-paid job was his love for burgers! But there were already plenty of them. So Kabir started to think out of the box. That’s how Burger Singh happened!

Instead of following the already successful recipes, Burger Singh offered wide variety of craft burgers made with Indian flavours. Yes, the burgers with Indian DNA!

Big and delicious burgers without burning your pocket was Kabir’s success mantra. He roped in his long-time friend, Nitin Rana, to the team. He had extensive experience in QSR industry and has worked with restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut etc.

Founded in 2014, Burger Singh has stores at many flagship locations across Pune, Delhi, Gurugram and Noida. It’s now one of the best places to munch your favourite crunchy burgers for brunch!

What is Burger Singh up to today?

Now the company has fetched an investment of over $1 million in two funding rounds and has started its international expansion with two stores in London.

With this prudent beginning, Burger Singh has potential to become the next big thing in India. Yes, Singh is King!

3. Flyrobe


Buying wedding dress is an expensive affair. You have to burn your pocket to get an attractive attire.

But here’s the solution:

Flyrobe. It is an online fashion rental store where you get premium brands.

The company was founded in 2015 by three friends, Shreya Mishra, Pranay Surana and Tushar Saxena. Within two years, it became the largest brand in the segment.

Flyrobe offers nearly 300 designer collections including world class brands like Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein apart from Indian designer collections. Yes, make your big day bigger with a light pocket!

What is Flyrobe now?

It operates in 10 major cities and has become a credible brand among fashion ecommerce stores in India.

The Mumbai-based company raised $7 million this year through a Series A funding with IDG ventures as lead investor to reinforce expansion and catalyze business growth.

4. GreenDust


This ecommerce company, founded by Hitendra Chaturvedi, an IIT graduate and former Microsoft employee, focuses on refurbished electronic items.

How was GreenDust born?

Hitendra invested his entire savings to begin his startup in 2008. Many were taken aback by his idea to sell used goods. But soon after its launch, Greendust went on to become the first profitable ecommerce company in India.

The excellent service and credibility made GreenDust the first choice for branded refurbished products. According to Hitendra, it sells premium products at unbelievable rates.

You might be pondering over the quality of GreenDust products. The company sells products only after strict authentication.

Every product sold through GreenDust is certified by the company through different quality tests. iPhones at 50 percent discount is not just a myth!

What is Hitendra’s startup today?

Now GreenDust is a trusted brand in the segment with over 600 employees. The company is operating at different cities across India, Middle East, Hong Kong and the US.

With a total funding amounting to $50 million, the company is on its pursuit to become the next great thing in ecommerce!

5. FirstCry

Firstcry Supam Maheshwari, founder, FirstCry, couldn’t buy a good dress for his newborn baby from India. He was disappointed.

His experience persuaded him to leave his well-paid job to begin an exclusive store for branded baby products. That’s how FirstCry was born.

Supam, an IIM Ahmedabad graduate, started FirstCry in 2010 as an exclusive ecommerce store for branded baby products and toys.

It offers premium quality baby products at reasonable prices.

The company raised $4 million within a year and became the most credible brand in the segment, offering exclusive products from over 700 international and Indian brands including Barbie, Ben10, Pigeon, Funskool, Hotwheels, Disney etc.

What is Firstcry now?

With 3 lead investors and a total funding of over $100 million, FirstCry has become Asia’s largest online portal for baby products. It operates on a hybrid business model.

Apart from their online presence, FirstCry has over 100 exclusive stores across India.

The company is on its journey to become the global leader in the niche with people like Ratan Tata on board as investors.

So, here are the key takeaways:

Ecommerce is still not completely explored in the Indian market. The most important thing for an ecommerce store to succeed is to identify the niche market and plan strategies accordingly.

But it’s not easy. It requires a lot of reflection to set up an ecommerce store in India. The highly dynamic Indian market always seeks uniqueness.

All these startups landed in prosperity since they identified their unique element and supported it with effective marketing strategies.

If you have something unique to offer you don’t have to seek investors. They will come to you!

Comment your favourite ecommerce store below and be a part of the discussion!

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