Tech Mahindra to Partner with 30 Startups a Year

Tech Mahindra to Partner with 30 Startups a Year

Information Technology provider, Tech Mahindra plans to rope in 30 startups annually as partners. The company will tie up with startups operating in networking, virtual reality and communication technology. Partnership opportunity will be given to startups working across India, Silicon Valley in the US, the United Kingdom and Israel under the company’s TechM Next programme. Through this programme the Tech Mahindra aims to bring in disruptive technologies in existing business. “The world is about being relevant to the market, and disruptive solutions in the way to remain relevant,” said Jagdish Mitra, chief marketing officer, Tech Mahindra. To find the best partners, Tech Mahindra conducts a filtering process among nearly 400 startups from across the globe and pick 20-30 most innovative candidates. It also works with venture capital firms to carry out the process. However, the company made it clear that new startups are not its target. “We don’t work with startups which are in the incubation level, rather focus on startups who have few clients and achieved a bit of a scale and we take them to our plethora of customers,” said Mitra.

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