Startups Back TRAI’s Decision to Uphold Net Neutrality

Startups Back TRAI’s Decision to Uphold Net Neutrality

The startup community of the country supports Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) decision to ensure net neutrality, calling it “ a progressive step”.

TRAI’s stand on net neutrality was also well-received by internet experts and they sought more information from the telecom department on the adoption of TRAI’s recommendations.

While some of the major players like Facebook maintained a different view on the topic, TRAI stated that maintaining net neutrality is the best way to ensure there is no discrimination on internet services based on content or apps.

Recently, TRAI Chairman, RS Sharma said internet should be open and free, hinting at net neutrality.

He also added that no one has ownership over the internet and it should be accessible everyone.

Internet is a platform that boosts innovations and startup ecosystem of the country, observed Sharma.

“We fundamentally believe that the internet belongs to all of its users and, given its impact in shaping our world, it needs to remain non-discriminatory,” said Deep Kalra, CEO MakeMyTrip.

“Today’s recommendations will promote equitable access to the internet for every citizen. It would ensure a level-playing field for IT and OTT services providers to innovate and customise in India and provide a constantly expanding range of new services relevant to every individual,” said NASSCOM in a statement.

In the new recommendations, TRAI sought to bar telecom service providers from discriminatory practices on internet.

This move will definitely force service providers to act with transparency.

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