Top Holiday Getaways in India

Top 7 Places Every Entrepreneur Should Visit in India

In your entrepreneurial life, you might sometimes feel to deviate from the routine and vanish from your office to get some fresh air. You might be looking for a place where there are no...
Top budget smartphones for entrepreneurs

Top 5 Smartphones Under ₹12K for Entrepreneurs

Searching for a best smartphone for your business use? Then you should not miss this blog! ₹12,000 is no longer a tight budget to buy a smartphone. You will get some good smartphones, loaded with features at...

4 Days in 3 OYO Rooms (A Review) – Part 1

It was a misty December. I was at Kovalam, a beautiful coastal town in  Trivandrum.   As some of you might already know, Kovalam is notorious for being highly expensive, where you have to spend...
Oyo rooms review

4 Days in 3 OYO Rooms (A Review) – Part 4

Summary If you  are going plan a trip with a light pocket, OYO rooms is an option worth considering. Because you will get all basic amenities at a cheaper cost. Moreover, they provide suitable options...
Oyo rooms review-eoindia

4 Days in 3 OYO Rooms (A Review) – Part 3

3. OYO Flagship 084 - The Capital Hotel Location This OYO Flagship hotel is located at the heart of the city where have every amenity at walkable distance. There are supermarkets,theaters and shopping malls nearby. The...
oyo room review_entrepreneurs of India

4 Days in 3 OYO Rooms (A Review) – Part 2

2. OYO 4961- Homestay Greenshore, Kovalam Location A half an hour journey from Trivandrum city took me to Kovalam beach. Green Shore home stay is located at the heart of Kovalam beach and is easily...
Asus E402N Review

Asus E402N Laptop Review: Our Take on this ₹17K Notebook

E402N is probably the most popular notebook from Asus. It is specially designed to suit your day-to-day work. We, at EO India, have been using this laptop to write exciting blogs and articles. It...
Top 7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Top 7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Are you an entrepreneur who doesn’t know about the essential apps you must need on your smartphone?Then this article is for you!We cherry-pick the best apps that could make your time more productive. Make...
5 Best Movies for Entrepreneurs

5 Best Films Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Why should an entrepreneur watch films? Because films teach important lessons. Films inspire you to cross the hurdles and remain optimistic in your entrepreneurial journey. Today, we pick the five best films an entrepreneur...
iPhone X

Why You Should Say No to iPhone X and Start a New Business Now

You know that a light pocket is a heavy curse. But the new iPhone X might remind you that even a heavy pocket can be a heavier curse! Yes, we mean it! Apple unveiled the...