EOI Spotlight - Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey – The Iron Lady

Oprah Winfrey delivered a speech at the Golden Globes 2018 after receiving the award for lifetime achievement. What started as a humble thank you note, transformed into powerful rhetoric on corruption, injustice, and oppression...
EOI Spotlight - Bhavish Aggarwal

Bye to Microsoft, Hi to Ola! How Bhavish Aggarwal Drove to Success

The idea for Ola Cabs hit Bhavish Aggarwal when he was on a road trip with his friends from Bengaluru to Bandipur. They had hired a car and the ride was bumpy. The driver...
EOI Spotlight - Naveen Jain

From the Depths of Poverty to the Moon! The Story of Naveen Jain

There are two kinds of people in this world -  Those who wait for the miracle to happen and those who make it happen. Naveen Jain easily falls under the second category. Otherwise, a...
EOI Spotlight - Suhas Gopinath

How Suhas Gopinath Built a Multinational Company with His ₹15 Pocket Money!

The year was 2000. When students of his age spent a lion’s share of their time in playground, Suhas Gopinath frequently visited an internet cafe in his hometown after school. He used to look...
Latest startup news

Indra Nooyi- From a Chennai Girl to a Global Business Leader

A few days ago when Indra Nooyi decided step down as the CEO of Pepsico, after a stint of 12 years , the company’s shares dipped. The stress levels of the stakeholders went up....
EOI Spotlight - Yussuf Ali

Yusuff Ali – An Indian Who Weathered the Storm in Arabian Desert & Built...

Yusuff Ali was just eighteen when he came to Abu Dhabi in 1973, leaving the comfort of home. He landed on the gory face of UAE - a hot, barren land, which didn’t offer...
Kalpana Saroj - EOI Spotlight

Kalpana Saroj: From Attempting Suicide to Leading a $100 Million Business

Dreams make people live. We all are in pursuit of our dreams. But what happens when you are thrown into the abyss of pain even before you start dreaming? You would be much like...
Gautam Bhirani- EOI Spotlight

Gautam Bhirani: Life Taught Him More Lessons than MBA Ever Could

Gautam Bhirani was 27 when his ambitious business tanked. But the failure ultimately worked in his favour. It taught him everything he needed know about entrepreneurship. “For me it was my MBA”, says Gautam!...
Varun Agarwal - EOI Spotlight

Varun Agarwal – How Anu Aunty Helped Him Become a Millionaire!

The most influential person in Varun Agarwal’s life is perhaps Anu Aunty, who is also his fierce critic. She used to thwart him whenever he did something. Today, Varun has turned his biggest adversity,...
Rafih Filli- EOI Spotlight

Rafih Filli: How a Cup of Tea Changed His Life!

The Zafran tea is much like a simmering magic potion that elevates your taste buds to ecstasy. It helped Rafih , the founder of Filli Cafe, make a fortune. Fourteen years ago, Rafih, a...