ShareChat Removes 54K Accounts For Violating Guidelines

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Bengaluru-based vernacular social and content platform ShareChat has removed over 487K pieces of content and removed 54,404 accounts since February for violating its community guidelines and terms of use.

With the Lok Sabha elections currently underway in India, the platform has intensified efforts to police content being shared by users and ensure that it is not used for voter suppression or misinformation campaigns.

According to the company, it specifically targeted accounts indulging in the sharing of harmful or abusive content, engaging in disruptive behaviour and those using the platform in a way that was violative of the terms of use.

About 13,195 pieces of content which were removed were from the politics and news section for violating community guidelines. Of these, around 6431 pieces of content were taken down for sharing factually-inaccurate content, as determined by fact-checking agency

“We work constantly to be the social media platform of choice for millions of Indians who would like to share and view content in their preferred language. And therefore, we are focused towards ensuring that our platform is not misused by bad actors. We have invested resources to ensure our AI tools as well human reviewers are well trained in order to effectively detect and stall harmful behaviour on our platform,” said Berges Y Malu, head of policy at ShareChat.

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