School Students to Get Financial Backing for Startup Ideas

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The Rajasthan government has announced a scheme that promotes startup ideas among school students.

As part of the scheme the state education department will provide essential financial support to convincing startups ideas by higher secondary students.

The  move is intended to promote innovative ideas for startup and make the state startup-friendly.

“Enterprising is in the air in Rajasthan. We are making consistent efforts to provide an ecosystem for students to become job creators rather job seekers. Such efforts will accelerate the growth of the state and the nation,” said State Education Minister Vasudev Devnani.

The programme will provide a financial aid of ₹5,000 for innovative projects by students. The state education stated the scheme will boost innovative spirit among students and also bring new ideas to the rural parts of the state.

“The innovation and enterprising in areas including water scarcity, women empowerment, cleanliness, transport and alternate energy modes can bring a much needed change in the rural areas of Rajasthan. Students displaying excellence in these fields will be acknowledged and rewarded by the state,” added Devnani.

According to startup experts, converting every state into startup-friendly ones would create more opportunities and significantly decreases the unemployment crisis across India.

Now various states have come forward to launch similar schemes to support and nurture startup ideas.

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