Why You Should Say No to iPhone X and Start a New Business Now

iPhone X

You know that a light pocket is a heavy curse. But the new iPhone X might remind you that even a heavy pocket can be a heavier curse! Yes, we mean it!

Apple unveiled the latest iPhone X at a special event held in Steve Jobs theater a few weeks ago. If you are a tech-savvy, you might have already understood what the creators had told about iPhone X. However, it’s the most expensive handset ever produced by Apple.

You will be waiting for its launch in India. But before splurging on iPhone X, we want you to think about the logical side of spending your money. If you’re an entrepreneur from India, you cannot afford to miss this article.

Why should you turn your back on iPhone X ?

Pricey Affair

As an entrepreneur you should know how to spend your money wisely. Apple iPhone X (256 GB version) costs $1149 in the United States. When the phone arrives in India the price skyrockets to above 1 lakh. The exact price is yet to be announced, but it will be around ₹10,3000 .Yes, you can read six digits!

Think that you’re splurging your resources on a gadget. So even if you are well off, iPhone X will not be the best phone you can ever have.

Sensible investing is the most desirable trait of an entrepreneur. You can spend money as a tool to expand your business and earn more money! How? Just spend wisely.

Successful entrepreneurs have humble beginnings. They spent reasonably. For instance,a decade ago, Flipkart was just a startup with an initial investment of rupees four lakh. The founders of Flipkart, Sachin and Binny who were classmates at college, just used the price of four iPhone X and made it big.

Now Flipkart’s net revenue is over 15,000 crore. And it sells a lot of iPhones daily!
So we would like to elaborate on why your business deserves more attention than expensive gadgets.

What can you do with the money you have for iPhone X?


Invest wisely

Invest in things that matter. From an entrepreneurial perspective, what you should do is to invest money in something that really helps.

That is, instead of spending 0.1 million rupees on a smartphone, you could invest it wisely where you can earn assured returns. Maybe that makes you smarter than your smartphone.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur striving for success, one lakh rupee means a lot to you. For instance, you can buy a workspace for rent at best business locations across India and start meeting clients. Workspaces are available for reasonable rates.

For instance, you just have to pay ₹11,000 to rent a full fledged workspace for a month in Kochi. In Bangalore, the IT hub of India, the rents starts at ₹350 per day. So, instead of buying an iPhone X you can hang in there for a few months and probably close some promising deals!

Click here to find your suitable workspace.

If you’re aware of the endless possibilities of social media advertising, you won’t probably buy such an expensive phone ever! With the cost of iPhone X you can propel your company’s reach by advertising on social media. For instance, Facebook offers attractive ad packages. If you want to reach your products to the target audience just initiate an ad campaign on Facebook for just ₹40 a day.

Click here to learn more about Facebook ads.

Another best thing you could probably do is to invest sensibly into your business or start a new one! For instance, you can set up your own office at home and start working as a freelancer.

A lot of ideas might occupy your mind when you think about freelancing. You should identify the area you’re passionate about and use your resources to enhance them. For instance, if you’re good at teaching, you can set up a mini studio at your home and start an educational YouTube channel right away!

Click here to know more about educational channels on YouTube.

You can also start a business that provides various services to clients. Marketing service and consultancy work well if you’re able to push the boundaries.

Make money

Another best way to spend the budget of your iPhone is to begin investing in shares. If you’re much interested in the patterns and trends of share business, you could be the next Warren Buffet!.

You can add your iPhone X budget to create something productive out of your company.
Mutual funds are good option to invest your money .Because they guarantee good returns.

To know more about mutual fund opportunities Click here.

We never intend to despise Apple. We focus on prudent investment of your money in a land of opportunities like India. Apple’s slogan is Say Hello To The Future. That’s exactly what we want you to do! Just put your money in a safe and profitable domain.

Here are some other reasons why you should think twice before splashing on an iPhone X

It’s so far the heaviest phone from Apple and it’s fragile, prone to screen damage. Imagine what goes through your mind if you see it broken!


The number of authorized service centres for Apple is comparatively small in India. So, whenever you find a glitch on your phone it takes longer to get your phone repaired. Besides it’s an expensive affair.


Buying accessories for iPhone often steals a fair share of your earnings. From earpods to wireless charger, iPhone accessories are too pricey. You might want to appoint a bean counter to look after your Apple accounts alone if you resort to iPhone X.


Yes we have other competitive choices! You can consider OnePlus 5 a cheaper and reliable option. Its specifications are way more impressive than iPhone X. You can also try other popular brands like Google, Lenovo, Oppo, Motorola etc.

Your suggestions help us grow. Do comment your response if you found this article helpful.

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