OLA Launches its Bicycle-sharing Platform

OLA Launches its bicycle-sharing platform

Cab hiring platform OLA lauched OLA Pedal, an exclusive platform for bicycle- sharing. As a first step, OLA Pedal has been piloted in different campuses and techno parks across India.

The company will expand the service to more cities in coming year. OLA Pedal is primarily created for students and commuters who like bicycling.

OLA Pedal uses Aadhaar bio-metric system to unlock bicycles. Riders with unique Aadhaar identification number will be able to avail the service.

“We are piloting Ola Pedal in various campuses, to begin with. bicycles are a sustainable and efficient alternative for covering first and last mile mobility needs in our cities., ” said an OLA spokesperson.

Now campuses like IITs are equipped with OLA Pedal. Soon it will be launched in other reputed campuses across India.

Now bicycle-sharing has not yet been popularized in India. OLA Pedal will help students commute across small distances through bicycles. Moreover, it helps promote eco-friendly traffic.

With OLA’s penetration to the highly potential segment, cab-hiring apps are more likely to introduce similar services in coming days.

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