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Meeting the man, author, entrepreneur, visionary and speaker – Vishwas Mudagal

The magnificent interior of GoodWorks CoWork leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. It’s designed to motivate your entrepreneurial genes!

It’s a space that blends profound creativity with entrepreneurial passion.

There’s a unique touch everywhere. You might be wondering: Who’s the brain behind this killer coworking space? Meet Vishwas Mudagal, co-founder, GoodWorks Cowork.

He’s a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author of the book Losing My Religion, angel investor and motivational speaker.

Entrepreneurs of India featured Goodwork Co- work CEO Vishwas Mudagal

Among his colleagues, he is a super-talented entrepreneur, but for his readers, a great novelist who has mastered the art of storytelling.

GoodWorks coworking space at Whitefield, Bangalore, is the latest chapter in his entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s unveil how GoodWorks happened:

Vishwas was actively involved in startup business before setting up GoodWorks CoWork. From being an investor at GoodWorkLabs founded by his partner Sonia Sharma, he is now the CEO who has spearheaded the company to the next level.

It is one of the few top agencies across the globe with a Google certification. His extensive experience in the startup field persuaded him to take a step further.

“After GoodWorkLabs, Sonia Sharma and I wanted to use our knowledge to give back something to the startup ecosystem. GoodWorks CoWork was launched to build a thriving startup community and provide the best ecosystem for them to succeed,” says Vishwas.

Right place to work young indian enterpreneurs

As entrepreneurs, Vishwas and Sonia find time to encourage the budding entrepreneurs who visit their coworking space.

“Under Sonia’s valuable guidance and thought leadership, and my years of experience in handling startups, co-workers can expect to learn numerous tricks and trades of the industry,” says Vishwas.

As a vibrant entrepreneur with tons of startup management, Vishwas finds a couple of reasons for coworking spaces to exist today. What are they?

From a real estate perspective, coworking spaces have become a sharing economy practice for small businesses, he says. In his opinion, getting a coworking space is economically more viable than renting an office in a prime location.

He feels that coworking spaces reduce burden of an office space for your business. Considering the business value, Vishwas feels coworking allows you to deal with a vibrant entrepreneurship community.

“Coworking encourages networking and collaboration. Coworking spaces provide immediate access to a large network of startups with different skill sets allowing exchange of skills and ideas,” he says.

young Enterprenures discussion on GoodWorks Cowork Office

Above all, he thinks coworking facilitates knowledge sharing through workshops, discussions, seminars and events. “It is the best way to stay informed about latest trends in the market,” he says.

Vishwas’ insightful talent in designing the ambience of the place is quite impressive. He wants creativity to flow seamlessly with innovative thinking. Where else can you find inspiring graffities to charge the entrepreneur in you?

To ensure best experience GoodWorks CoWork offers distinctive benefits such as:

Design-inspired coworking space– Everything that you see inside this coworking space has been designed after a lot of reflection. The wall décor, the seating layout, the lighting structures and overall ambience have a creative undertone.

Funding Possibilities– After successfully establishing GoodWorkLabs as a globally leading and award-winning new-age software lab and design studio, Vishwas and team are now all set to provide seed investment to upcoming startups and extend their support for business growth.

Consultation with in-house experts– GoodWorks CoWork has an eminent team to provide young entrepreneurs with proper guidance. They help get the basics right for new entrepreneurs. Vishwas’ GoodWorkLabs provides support to the companies in GoodWorks CoWork. The startups can avail this benefit to plan their strategies in a professional way.

“GoodWorkLabs brings tremendous insights and valuable learning to cowork division. This aspect is one of our main USP’s. We provide consulting services for design, software development, android development, iOS development to name a few,” he says.

People often ask Vishwas how he manages multiple roles. You might be wondering how a novelist could become a successful entrepreneur at the same time.

Super powers? No.

Well, here’s the answer:

“I won’t lie to you by saying it’s easy. It’s incredibly hard to balance different roles. I am a CEO during the days and a storyteller by night and weekends. I wish I had 48 hours in a day,” he says.

He has a lot of things in his plate including many untold stories and killer business ideas. He is quite happy as GoodWorks CoWork has been receiving tremendous response from the entrepreneurship community in Bangalore.

He has plans to make GoodWorks a premium coworking space with a pan-India presence.

“We will continue to provide creative, design inspired coworking spaces for startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs encouraging the shared economy. We believe that GoodWorks CoWork is not just a workspace. It’s a way of life & a path to success!,” says Vishwas.

GoodWorks Cowork space for Entrepreneurs meet

As an entrepreneur, Vishwas believes that building a core team is crucial for startups.

“The core team must believe in the idea as strongly as the founding members,” he says.

Vishwas has his share of failures as well. He witnessed the ups and downs of life. He didn’t fall at first hurdle. Instead, he weathered the storm to become a successful entrepreneur.

Now looking back, Vishwas has a piece of advice for all   “Be shameless and experiment. That’s the only way to identify your true passion.”

Vishwas is also a bibliophile who finds pleasure in reading Ayn Rand, Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon and Jeff Archer.

His writings have been deeply influenced by their stories. The genres he would always long to read are thrillers, sci-fi and adventures.

But who’s the writer he holds so close to heart?

“Ayn Rand is my favorite author. Her book The Fountainhead influenced me deeply during my college days. It’s the perfect book to gift,” reveals Vishwas.

Where does he find inspiration?

The powerful words of Steve Jobs and Swami Vivekananda inspire him to move ahead and tackle his entrepreneurial as well as creative challenges.

One among his favourite quotes is:

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

Vishwas has a happy news for his readers. His next book will hit stores soon. “My next novel has been completed and it’s in the final stages of editing. It’s an exciting trilogy that I’m thrilled about,” says Vishwas as he goes back to his busy day.

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