Kochi-based Startup to Help Visually Impaired Follow Football

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The football frenzy of Kerala has been famous across the globe. It is the game that unites the people here. You can see big screens being installed on different parts of the town to watch the World Cup matches. But what about the visually impaired?

The International Blind Sports Association’s (IBSA) World Blind Football Championship is currently underway in Spain and Sightica, a Kochi-based startup has made a mobile application that allows the blind to follow this World Cup.

The application developed by Sightica is called Blind Football India and it aims to provide the blind with information and updates of the blind football, and to help them understand the game and its rules.

“As of now, there is only one application that is serving this sector. We are getting a quite a few hits because of this,” said Sunil J Mathew, sporting director of Indian Blind Football Federation (IBFF) and one of the founders of India’s first Blind Football Academy in Kochi.

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