5 Inspiring Indian Startup Success Stories That Learnt From Failure

Be inspired by reading these startup stories of Entrepreneurs from India that have learnt from failure in order to find success.


Do You Want To Become A Successful Startup Boss In India?

Do You want to be the next Inspiring Indian Startup Story of success – the next Ritesh Agarwal or Ratan Tata? Read on to learn from EOI’s inspiring Startup Stories.

But First…



I’m sorry to tell you…



Becoming a successful Entrepreneur in India is tough – very tough.


For every 100 startups in India 90 fail within the first 5 years ?.


Only the most patient, persistent, hard working, visionary, daring, stubborn, smart, crazy people will succeed and even then – 50% of them will fail too! ?.


But don’t worry…?



The most inspiring startup success stories in India all experienced failure in their journey.


Failure is part of your journey to success. Learn to embrace failure – it is your friend!

Every failure contains a learning that brings your destination of startup success one step closer.


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To help you through those hard times and inspire you to keep moving forward with your startup we want to share some of the startup stories from EOI that have inspired us. Stories of people who learnt from failure to create successful Indian startups.


These are not your Billionaire Super Startups Stories…


These are inspiring startup stories from people like you. The average Indian Entrepreneur trying hard to make their business work and grow their startup into a sustainable business.


So lets help you with some inspiring Indian Startup Stories


1. Foodivry.com

Foodivry- Inspiring entrepreneurs

Years ago in Jammu, four best friends, Sahil Bhat, Anubhav Jotshi, Arpit Koul and Love Sharma had a brainstorming session. They decided to launch a business. The result? They founded Foodivry, the first online food ordering and delivery platform in Jammu.

Read their Startup Story and see what they learnt about failure


But wait there’s more….



2. TheNextGreat.com

Startup Stories - The Great Next

Being avid travellers, four friends, Amit Thaker, Mishana Khot, Varun Attal and Mihir Sahani, thought to solve this problem. They wanted to give a seamless experience for travellers. That’s how they founded The Great Next, an adventure travel aggregator (technically a marketplace), where travellers can find all kinds of adventure trips depending on their budget, their travel date and convenience.

Be inspired by reading their startup story and what they learnt about creating an MVP.


Let’s move onto startup story number 3…


3. Gocheckapp.com

Gocheck App

Through GoCheck App, Mayur intends to solve the problem of unemployment at grassroot level. It helps you choose everything ranging from courses to jobs based on your sole interest. In short, it helps you make the right decision at the right time!

Read his inspiring startup story and see what Mayur learnt about empowering a team rather than doing everything yourself.


Keep reading for more awesome learning



4. Kadence.in

Kadence - Abir Rajkhowa

An engineer turned musical instrument manufacturer – it is fair to say that Kadence co-founder Abir Rajkhowa (@abirrajkhowa) has been on a journey! After returning from Europe Abir followed the path of many young Indians returning from abroad – by getting a good job and trying to settle into professional life.

But like many entrepreneurs, Abir had the desire to do something more, something that combined his passion and skills.

Read the Startup story of Kadiance and see what Abir learnt about moving on from your mistakes.


Still need inspired? Here’s one more Startup Story from India…



5. Flaxitup.com 

Bunty Arora is a DJ turned entrepreneur who is helping Mumbaikars eat intelligently. Flax – an on-demand health food restaurant is creating an anomaly to healthy eating by not compromising on taste. They don’t believe in diets that leave you starving, instead helps you put together the right meal that satisfies your taste buds, fills your appetite and keeps you in good shape at the same time.

Bunty says “Mistakes have been my only mentor in life.  So I believe in the good old saying failures are the pillars of success”.

Read the startup story of Flax and learn how mistakes can drive growth.



We hope these inspiring startup stories from Indian Entrepreneurs will motivate you to keep moving forward, learn from your mistakes and WIN.



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