Indian Defence to Tie Up with Log 9 to Use Nanotechnology

Indian Defence to Tie Up with Log 9 to Use Nanotechnology

Indian defence will partner with Bangalore-based startup Log 9 Materials to build nanotechnology products. This will be the first commercial application of nanotechnology in Indian defence forces.

The partnership focuses on building energy-efficient nanotechnology products with different applications.

Nanotechnology, an emerging field of science and industry, emphasises production and manipulation on a tiny scale. It has extensive applications in areas ranging from health and medicine to defence and textile industry.

Log 9 focuses on different uses of graphene – a form of carbon that is also called ‘wonder material’ because it’s the lightest, strongest, thinnest, best heat- and electricity- conducting material available in the industry. It can also be used to build products with maximum energy efficiency.

Log 9 Materials, founded in 2015, has already built graphene-based highly efficient lead acid batteries.

Now the company will start commercial production of batteries for Indian defence forces on a large scale.

“When we use graphene, the productivity naturally gets better and as it renders higher capacity without draining the battery,” said Akshay Singhal, founder, Log9.

Recently, Log9 raised an undisclosed amount through a pre-series A funding. Now the company is discussing a fresh round of funding with some potential investors.

According to experts, this partnership between a powerful government body and a startup will further revive the nanotechnology industry in India.

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