The Man Who Broke Stereotypes with a Beard!

India Icons- Prajval Jagirdar

Prajval Jagirdar

How far will you go to realise your dreams? The first step towards chasing your dream is breaking your comfort zone. Like his peers, Prajval Jagirdar too started his career with IT industry. He worked as HR executive at IBM. The monotonous days at work didn’t excite him. So he quit his job to pursue his dream of becoming a model. It was indeed a tough decision for a youngster like him. But Prajval’s family stood by him. They knew his interest in modelling since his childhood.

Prajval started growing beard in 2014 even before beards created the buzz. It was a time when bearded models were hardly chosen for brand endorsements. But Prajval’s well-groomed beard stole the show. He became the talk of the town and many reputed  brands approached him to promote their products. He was part of national and international endorsements. As a model, Prajval broke the stereotypes in the industry with his offbeat look.

Prajval is the first selected member of Bangalore Beard Club, India’s first beard club. The boom of Instagram in India helped him attract a huge number of followers across the globe, which made him a social media influencer. He created content on social media to promote the products in fashion and lifestyle sector.

Inspired by his style, many of his followers started growing beard.  Prajval often gives them tips to grow beard. His stunning portraits as a beardy earned the admiration of filmmakers as well. He  acted in short films and got a chance to be a part of a Telugu movie in 2018. Prajval shares his story.

My Inspiration

I think what inspires me the most are the interesting people around me who come from different walks of life. I specifically set aside time to read people’s minds, watch and understand the changes around me,  positive comments are always a pleasure to hear ,haters and negativity – I value it too as I see things that I can improve on and this is what pushes me to work even more harder to prove them wrong. That inspires me every day.

Tip to the beginners in my industry

I would generalize it and say let it be any industry it is similar to walking into the jungle . Adapt or perish. I never had a clue about the industries I am currently working with until I have self walked it and experienced and still experiencing it first hand .Nothing is a cakewalk , it’s all about how bad you want it. My mantra would be – be confident , never fear failure instead learn from it.  Keep your eyes open. Work on yourself everyday than just do a 9-5 which you derive no pleasure from.

I personally feel every individual is much more capable of doing a lot than what they are currently doing , so don’t just stay in pond and be satisfied working for someone or whatever you are doing. Instead, set aside some time just for yourself and do what you love the most. Self investment is the best investment.Every time you feel like quitting , just remember why you even started and how many are waiting to watch you fall.

Biggest influence on my life

I look up to my mother. She taught me many values that define who I am now and the benefits of hard work, and the importance of striving for excellence. She taught me never to settle for second best and always aim to reach the peak of whatever I put my hands into and said give it your all or don’t give it a thought at all. She also told me to treat people with the same degree of respect, regardless of social standing, race or creed.

What am I grateful for?

My personal experiences in life and every single person who has entered my life , still staying by my side and the ones who have left too. Every person who I have let walk in has taught me something.

How do I unwind?

Music is what keeps me going all day. Right from kick-starting my day till I sleep I play various genres depending on my mood. I unwind myself with some ambient tracks.

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