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India Icons - Manoj Prabakar

Manoj Prabakar

On a random day, Manoj Prabakar can be seen on a stage unleashing his humour sense before a cheering crowd. He cracks an avalanche of jokes about different subjects – from engineering to the way NRIs speak English.

Manoj, despite being one of the most popular standup comedians in India, is an introvert offstage. But onstage, he puts all his effort in trying to be funny, quirky and intelligent!

What made this engineer from Chennai choose standup comedy? Let’s find out as Manoj shares his story.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by anything that is creative. Doing something creative has always interested me. So I ventured into writing and thought I would become a screenwriter one day and that was when I came to know about standup comedy.

Tip to aspiring standup comedians

Cultivate a good sense of humour and apply it to daily life situations. As a standup comedian, I crack jokes on middle class upbringing, work life, education and everything else that frustrates me. So, I feel observation is also crucial in this domain.

How do I unwind?

I watch sports on TV and Internet. Watching space videos is also a stress-buster for me.

India Icons - Manoj Prabakar

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