“I have been a phoenix, I have risen from the ashes”

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Who am I?

As my blog name (Her Lavish Hustle) suggests, I am a hustler. I do multiple jobs in order to live passionately and achieve my goals. I have anchored various shows and worked for some of the best brands in the market.

I also work with Hindustan Times as a part time English language trainer. I believe that there’s abundance for someone like me and I am indeed unstoppable in the pursuit. I aspire to inspire others.

My Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere and it’s your power. From the time I open my eyes until the time I sleep, I am super infused with inspiration and I keep getting it from various sources; like deep conversations with my mother, a simple comment under a picture, a walk on the wet grass , a woman sitting beneath the hair steamer in the parlor talking to her friend. Also, my hustle so far inspires me the most. I haven’t come so far to look back or not be enthusiastic about my work and life.

Tip to the beginners in my industry

Ditch your insecurities. And, get really forbearing about mixed reactions. If you really want to be an influencer, you have to BARE and BEAR it all. There’s also a lot of pressure of looking skinny and particular kind of rich or beautiful.

My suggestion- Be your most authentic self on Social media. There’s no point being a counterfeit. You don’t get an audience for just superficial things like branded makeup and clothes. They follow you for the vibe you throw at them; you know, the person you are.

Also, network as much as you can with your audience or they might get bored of the effort they keep putting in reaching out to you. I have a soft corner for women who are struggling to become something.

I started my blog to help women hustlers, the girl bosses and when the slightest of help is needed, I feel privileged and honored to lend a hand.

Biggest influence on my life

There have been a couple of bloggers like Natalie Off Duty. I love Camila Coelho’s work. I am following these chicks for a decade now.
I have started following more fashion bloggers and anchors lately.

Books like How to be a bawse? by Lilly Singh and Girl boss by Sophia Amoruso. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne saved my life from shattering like a deck of cards. Reading and good movies have really impacted my confidence hence my Instagram page in a majestic way.

What am I grateful for?

I don’t take anything for granted. My journey has been extremely rocky. During my late teens, I fell terribly sick for few years. Those are the crucial days of one’s career and I had to quit my dream job.

I started doing something I hated and lived a life full of lies for some years along with a huge financial crisis at that time. I had a peanut sized pocket money where either I could go to the parlor and buy sanitary napkins for the month or join the gym.

Looking back makes me extremely grateful. I am grateful for the courage my folks instilled in me to do something. I am living a life of my dreams. I have been a phoenix, I have risen from the ashes.

However, This is just a beginning towards the best things. I am glad I climbed the ladder from one decent opportunity to another and I was quite good with my money saving skills.

Moreover, I am super duper grateful for my parents who blindly trust on my decisions. They have always given me the utmost freedom to be myself and prove myself to the world.

I have some really special people in my life who believe in me more than I believe in myself. I have more than what any average human has. Coming a long way makes me extremely to the power of infinity grateful.

How do I unwind?

It is usually a seven-day week for me. After all, it’s all about a never ending hustle.There’s so much on mind at times. I just lie down and doze off. Amidst all the effort, your mind starts to cringe and one needs to relax. I don’t have a ritual of any sorts.

The only habit since early childhood days that doesn’t leave me is that I keep a journal next to where I sleep and I write about my triumphs, things to do or how I feel. Writing heals me. It also brings me the clarity on what I need to further do.

When I am extremely stressed; I pause and do one of these or many of my favorite things; I play with my dog. Talk to my best friend or a loved one. Go Shopping alone. Go on a long drive. Plan my next vacation. Take a hot shower.

Leave Green tea mug stains on my desk and read a nice poetry. Cuddle up in a dark room with a dim set up. It is luxuriating to use essential oils and savor the scents around.

You can find Sonal on Instagram here.

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