From a Brittle Life to a Glittering Star: A Story of Startling Enthusiasm

India Icons - Dhanya Ravi

Dhanya Ravi

Dhanya was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare genetic disease characterized by easily fracturable brittle bones. She had two choices – either to come in terms with her plight and live quietly or overpower her disability to chase her dreams. And Dhanya went for the less trodden second choice. She tackled every hurdle that came her way and went in pursuit of her dreams. Dhanya is also known as the ‘Glass woman of India’ because of her fragile bones. However, her optimism is harder than steel!

Today, Dhanya is a TED speaker, philanthropist, writer, and activist. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, has honoured her with National Award for Empowerment of People with Disability 2018. She collaborates with different NGOs across the country to spread awareness about osteogenesis imperfecta and other rare genetic diseases. Dhanya, who dreams of an inclusive and rare disease-free India, stops by to tell her extraordinarily inspiring story.

My Inspiration

I recall that I grew up reading fairy tales and short stories. I started to read books that involve philosophy and fictional stories, which definitely made a lot of differences to my thoughts and in my workspace.

My interaction with the people around me from all walks of lives, their life stories, and their attitude in managing their lives even through their hardships. All these stories have inspired me in one way or the other. And it also supported me to understand it’s all about finding possibilities in every difficult situation.

I believe everyone’s inspirational moments start when you actually have the potential to see the way it is and move on, more than having any role models in life.

Tip to Youngsters

To create your own legacy, follow unusual trails, believe in your abilities, trust your voice and value for whatever little things you get involved.

What am I grateful for?

I’m grateful for everything that revolves around me. For every instance, I’m grateful as I learn from it. I have my parents and my friends to encourage me with this fragile backbone.

How do I unwind?

I have always been true to myself. I express myself very genuinely, I laugh out loud if I need to, I cry at times, I talk to myself if there is a need, I sit quietly if I need to reflect and other times I share a few things with my friends. Listening to music has always been a healing element.

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