The Extraordinary Journey of a Travel Photographer

India Icons - Akhil Komachi

Akhil Komachi

Photography is an art that first unravels in your eyes. The camera is just a piece of equipment that materializes your imagination. Akhil Komachi had that passionate eye of a photographer even when he was a beginner. He started off by capturing his neighborhood. The zest for travelling fuelled his skills in photography.

“I still do not know if photography made me a traveler or the intense desire to travel made me find a job which would help me see the world. But I’m happy that they found each other,” says Akhil.

Akhil got his break when he got selected as a photograph on board on a cruise, which helped him travel to 33 countries across the globe, and he was able to project his works internationally. Now Akhil runs a production house in Calicut. With his hard work, he has turned his brainchild, Komachi Production House, into a reputed name in the media industry.

My Inspiration

Happiness inspires me. If you ask me what is the one thing that keeps me moving, its happiness. And at every nook and corner of my life, I search for it actively.

Tip to the beginners in photography

Be authentic. There are hundreds of people in the industry trying to do the same job, if you are not different, time will forget you soon, which is something I remind myself everyday. And the equipment in your hand define your work only up to a limit, ultimately your style is going to be your signature.

Biggest influence on my life

My father had the biggest influence on me. He inspired me on the creative and ethical side of the profession or on a broader aspect, life itself. He never kept me under his wings when I had to grow for myself. But then there are a hundreds of other people I met across my life, who had a big influence on my life in collective.

What am I grateful for?

Life itself. To be lucky enough to realise the importance of happiness as a goal in life. Also being physically able to be at a place I want to be and the biggest meaning of life everybody would agree up on – to have a family and friends.

How I unwind?

This process for me starts before I make a commitment I think for myself, if I need to do this for sure? Does this inspire me creatively? Does this bring me the financial stability I require at this point? Is it more than what I need now? Ultimately, will this make me happy?

This bundle of few simple questions almost always make sure that I’m not stressed even if I’m on a long work. Together with this, finding space every day for the loved ones and finding space for myself at the end of a small period of time by mostly traveling, brings me peace of mind.

India Icons - Akhil Komachi

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