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India Icons - Munish Maya

Munish Maya

Munish Maya has got many adjectives to his credit. He is an Indian fashion entrepreneur, influencer, men’s style blogger and social media star who has over a million followers across the globe. As an iconic figure in the fashion industry, he has worked with more than five hundred top brands including Louis Vuitton, Tomford, Montblanc etc. He has endorsed the products of startups like Flipkart and Myntra. Munish, who holds the distinction of being the first fashion influencer from India, shares his story.

My Inspiration

Love is an amazing thing. There is very little that will ignite a passion more than love. I truly believe in ” do what you love and love what you do”. As an entrepreneur, my work is very close to all that is around us – society, lifestyles, changing mindsets, influencing & touching humanity and helping my community.

Tip to the beginners in my industry

I would say, “do it with love and passion or not at all.” From my experience of over seven years in the influencer industry, the only thing that makes a difference and important for success is – consistency. And If you’re consistent, It means you’re focused.

My piece of advice to those who are starting or already started in this industry is – fall in love with your work, stay focused, be consistent and never give up.

Biggest influence on my life

As an entrepreneur, I think we must know and understand the perspective of influence. For me, It’s a driving force that impacts your life, ignites your passion and keeps you going in a positive way.

And I get inspired from everyday scenarios- It can be my team of hustlers who are not giving up on me, it can be a mother who is waiting for her kids’ school bus at the bus stand, it can be an old man fighting for his life and going for walk daily. You see, we can’t limit the influence to one aspect. It’s there in everyday moments.

What am I grateful for?

I am grateful to God, who has given me this opportunity to live my dreams and life on my own terms, to serve and help people of my industry and community. I am grateful for the immense love of my 1 million plus fans and followers, who have been supporting me from all those years of thick and thin and keep me going and growing in life.

How do I unwind?

As an entrepreneur, the grind never stops. But yes, we must learn to take rest and unwind ourselves to think, learn and perform at our peak. Meditation and workout are my top two sources to unwind myself from the daily routine.

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India Icons - Munish Maya

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