“I am inspired by challenges”

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Jenuse Mohamed

Jenuse Mohamed, son of veteran filmmaker Kamal, belongs to the young breed of filmmakers who treads a new path in Malayalam Cinema. He has written and directed two films – 100 Days of Love, a romantic comedy with Dulquer Salmaan and Nitya Menen in the lead and, Nine, a science fiction thriller starring Prithviraj Sukumaran.

Being an alumnus of the prestigious London Film School, Jenuse has always experimented with genres and strives to bring novelty to his narrative. He’s known for his originality in storytelling with superlative technical and visual mastery in a relatively small industry like Malayalam. He is driven by the excitement of doing the impossible when it comes to filmmaking. Jenuse stops by to tell his story.

My inspiration

I am inspired by challenges . If someone tells me something can’t be done or it’s deemed too risky a story or idea (in my line of field) it inspires me. As someone who has always been vowed by originality and great content, I feel I am on the right track when someone tells me something can’t be done. It means I am on a road less travelled. And there is no better way to self discovery than that ! What is the point in doing what everybody else are doing ?

Tip to the beginners in my industry

I know it’s easier said than done. But never play by the rule book. If you have been inspired to become a Filmmaker, I am sure it’s through the works of Great Directors and Writers and Actors who have stood out because they have dared to defy the rule book.

You started off with big dreams . Do not listen to the naysayers who tells you it can’t be done. If it can be imagined it can be filmed!

Biggest influence on my life

My father! As a veteran of over 30 years as an iconic filmmaker and cultural personality in Kerala, my father has always shown me the way. He taught me to chase my dreams and be fearless. He taught me your failures teach you a lot more than your successes ever can.

What am I grateful for?

Grateful for my family who completely stands by my side and fully understands and appreciates me and my convictions. I am also immensely grateful to be a part of Indian Cinema at a time when evolution and originality are all around us . It’s just a great time to be a filmmaker!

How do I unwind?

Travelling . I make it a point to detach myself completely from the film and industry whenever a movie gets released. Nothing can help with that than travelling . We all live in our little bubbles. It’s important to break out from that for me to move on to my next film with a fresh mind.

India Icons - Jenuse Mohamed

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