Govt will Ask WhatsApp to Launch New Technologies to Curb Fake News

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The central government is reportedly drafting a letter to the Facebook-owned messenger app WhatsApp to launch new technologies to curb the flow of fake news on its platform.

Fake news have been a major issue  in India as they often triggered violence and hatred in certain parts of the country recently. At least 31 lost their lives over rumours that spread on WhatsApp.

In the letter the government asks WhatsApp come up with a technology to trace the origin of fake messages.

The development comes at a time when Singapore parliamentary committee has also suggested the Singapore government to formulate legislation that ensures technology companies rein in over online fake news and that those responsible are punished.

WhatsApp had earlier turned down the Indian government’s demand stating that it cannot build a software to trace the origin of a message on its platform. So, WhatsApp’s response to the latest letter will be crucial.

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