Government Issues Notice to Facebook Over Data Leak Concerns

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The central government served notice to Facebook over data leak and privacy concerns. Facebook has been given a deadline of April 7 to respond to the notice and to provide details regarding possible data breach and manipulation of Indian electoral process.

The notice to Facebook comes days after the IT Ministry asked its associate and London-based vendor Cambridge Analytica a host of questions over similar allegations, that included misusing the data of Indian users to influence and “manipulate” elections.

News about possible manipulation of Indian electoral have been doing rounds since reports about data breach in Facebook came out.

The government has also asked Facebook about the measures it undertakes to protect the data of users.

The government had made it clear it won’t tolerate any data breach from the part of Facebook to influence elections.

Now the social networking giant is accountable to many questions the government has asked, especially about its privacy and security.

“Fairness of Indian democracy and electoral process is a matter of pride and any attempt to influence the sanctity of the electoral franchise through dubious and questionable means is unacceptable,” said the government.

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