Google Tightens Policy for Apps Accessing Google Drive Data


As part of Google’s ongoing effort to review third-party developer access to its services, the technology giant has now announced plans to extend its user data policy to Google Drive. The new Drive requirements are expected to be rolled out in early 2020.

With the implementation of newer updates, any Google Drive API scope that permits an application to read, modify, or manage the content or metadata of a user’s Drive files, without the user individually granting file-by-file access, will be marked as a restricted scope.

Further, Google’s new policy will also require third party apps to make their privacy policy visible to its users, and linked to the OAuth consent screen (which is basically the screen that asks for users consent in giving third party app access to Google user data) on the Google API Console.

The app’s privacy policy will have to disclose the manner in which the application accesses, uses, stores, or shares Google user data.

Company has last amended its user data policy in October 2018 under the Project Strobe, which introduced restrictions on apps accessing Gmail data along with announcing the shutdown of Google+. The 2018 amendment had come on the heels of a data leak in Google, exposing the data of around 500K users.

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