Google India Launches New Political Ads Policy Ahead of Elections

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Google India has launched a slate of monitoring and policy initiatives in India ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, which is crucial for each political party and its leaders in the country.

With the new policy, Google plans to bring more transparency to election ads. It will introduce an India-specific Political Advertising Transparency Report and searchable Political Ads Library which will be a one stop shop for comprehensive information about who is purchasing election ads on Google’s platforms and for how much.

“In line with this, we have updated the election ads policy for India. The policy requires that advertisers running election ads in India provide a pre-certificate issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI), or anyone authorized by the ECI, for each ad they wish to run. Further, Google will verify the identity of advertisers before their election ads run on our platforms. The advertiser verification process will begin on 14 February 2019,” Google said.

The new policy allows Google to verify the identity of advertisers before accepting their ads.

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