Flipkart Relies on AI to Improve Business

Flipkart relies on AI to improve business

In every festive season we see a stiff competition between Flipkart and Amazon. Flipkart has an edge over Amazon in terms of market share and profit. So you might be wondering what makes this Indian brand so unique that it often beats the global giant and rival, Amazon.

It’s their AI-powered technology to study the consumer behaviour. Flipkart has been making use of artificial intelligence to predict the trends in consumer behaviour and plan marketing strategies accordingly.

Flipkart, which has an extensive user base tracks consumers when they log into the website to shop different items. This data is used to record the consumer behaviour.

“We have techniques based artificial intelligence to (predict) the content the customer is most likely going to click on,” said Vikram Sharma, director of product, Flipkart.

Once the response of customers is recorded, the system analyzes it and predicts what the customers are going to search next. This also helps in identifying the products a particular age is searching for.

AI related technologies in ecommerce will be helpful in future too as it helps create the content based on the inputs of the consumers. Recently Flipkart had launched an AI based search experience called Mira, which talks to the users when they search for products.

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