Flipkart Launches Videos and Instagram-Like Ideas Feed For Influencers

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Walmart-owned ecommerce giant Flipkart has now widened its horizon with the launch of Flipkart Videos and Flipkart Ideas. Both new products have gone live silently and reports confirm the launch as both are visible in the Android app. While Flipkart Videos is self-explanatory, Flipkart Ideas is an Instagram-meets-Pinterest like feed with links to buy products and get inspiration.

The plans for Flipkart Videos came to light recently when reports surfaced that Flipkart is betting on Bollywood and it will serve entertainment content in an OTT format. The company then explained that “Flipkart Videos” will bring a curated range of movies, shows and entertainment series for all its consumers.

“Our video content offering is focused on three primary aspects, keeping in mind our understanding of the market: free, curated and personalised. We believe that our customers shouldn’t pay extra for premium content and hence our offering is different from anything else that is currently available,” a company statement had said.

The company has rolled out additions as an update to the Flipkart app. However, the options are available to a select group of users on Android and couldn’t be accessed on iOS.

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