Breaking Stereotypes with Passion


Femida Ali wears many hats. She’s a dentist by profession, photographer by passion, and a Montessori school principal by occupation. For her two children, she’s also a responsible parent. She proves that you don’t have to be extremely radical to break stereotypes.

“I consider myself a ‘Multipotentialite’ exploring “what next?” because between being a dentist and a principal, I have had many other designations as well, which would be a story for another time,” she says with a smile. Femida strives to inspire others to achieve their dreams. She founded Aspire2Inspire, a community that helps people grow by being the better version of themselves. As its founder, she organizes regular events and workshops for the members of the community. We catch up with her for a quick conversation.

What inspires you?

I draw inspiration even from a stranger who smiles or just acknowledges your presence without expecting anything in return, a person whom you know has it going tough but still chooses to be there to help someone else.

What is your tip to beginners?

Whatever the field or industry you are in; be precise, be kind, and be respectful. Know your strength, acknowledge your weakness, and always learn and grow but don’t be a doormat.

Don’t advise without trying it on yourself first! Believe me, it’s crucial to practice what you preach because it reflects in everything you do. And remember, age is just a number. Let your bucket list grow as you do.

Who influenced you in your life?

I had always been a long-term planner or dreamer but different situations influenced me to change all my perspectives on life. Thanks to all those around me who have worked hard and broken the stereotypical box to be true to themselves and influence others to do their best and not give up hope.

What are you grateful for?

Now when I look back, I am grateful for all the lessons learnt at every stage of life. It connected me much closer to God, made me discover the strength I had within. I realized that everyone has a story of their own which if we are aware, makes us always better prepared for the curveball that life throws at us.

How do you unwind?

I am an ambivert so I feel I can easily unwind. If there is a long weekend ahead, then definitely travel and photography plans are on the list, otherwise catching up with friends or just goofing with my kids, and lol yes Instagram!

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