Facebook’s Third Data Breach This Year Affects 6.8 Million Users

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Social networking giant Facebook has reported that over six million users have been affected by the third data breach of this year. According to reports, due the bug may have exposed pictures of nearly 6.8 million users across the world for over 12 days between September 13 and 25, via third-party applications.

In an official blog post, Tomer Bar, Facebook engineering director, has stated that the issue has been fixed however the bug potentially gave developers access to other photos, such as those shared on Marketplace or Facebook Stories.

Moreover, it also gave access to photos that people uploaded to Facebook but did not post. Bar said that if an user does not complete an upload, then the company saves a copy of pictures for three days.

Apologising for the breach, Bar informed that it will be launching new  tools for app developers early next week, which will allow them to determine if people using their app have been impacted by this bug. Facebook will be working with those developers to delete the leaked photos.

The year saw Facebook struggling as it faced a lot issues regarding users’s privacy on the platform. The first breach was reported in April, in which an estimated 5.62 Lakh (562K) Indian users were affected. A second data leak was reported in September, which affected 50 million accounts.

The latest data breach has definitely put Facebook under pressure as users across the globe the raised concerns over the privacy of their accounts. 

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