Facebook, Instagram Down for Many Users Across the World

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Many Facebook and Instagram users around the world reported outage of the social media giants on Wednesday, with many taking to Twitter to voice their frustration. Facebook has tweeted in this regard and said they are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. As soon as the glitch hit, social media users across the globe complained against the outage.

According to reports, Facebook is said to be down from around 9.30 pm in India. Minutes after Instagram also went down. Facebook Messenger has also been affected and has also been having issues.

Many users said they could not send messages and after re-installing the app they could not log in. Many said their Instagram stories are crashing and there are glitches while logging in.

Facebook and Instagram have faced outages on multiple occasions in the past few months. The latest outage comes at time when Facebook Inc, which also owns Instagram, is carrying out different strategies to ensure users’ data privacy.

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