The Story of a Pastry Queen and Her Expanding Empire!


Entrepreneur: Uditaa Bansal 

Business Name: Layers

Welcome to Entrepreneurs of India #startupstories episode 52

The Passion And Drive to build something of your own is what separates creators from followers. It is these very qualities that make Uditaa Bansal different from the rest.

“Passion” is your compass. But “Drive” is your engine.”

“Passion” is your compass. But “Drive” is your engine. Click To Tweet

You Passion points you in right direction. Striking the right balance between an area you are keen to work on and identifying and addressing the gap or demand in that area is just the beginning.

Once you know where you are headed and IF you have that drive and determination you can bring about tremendous changes in the market world. This is one of the most defining actions in the lives of most entrepreneurs. Perhaps that is even what defines success for entrepreneurs.

Baking is an art that has been tried and tested by many. Yet, once in a while we have a visionary walk in with Passion and Drive to change the game again. That is one way of starting the tale about Uditaa Bansal’s Pastry Empire.

1) How did you get your idea for this business?

A strong intention of starting something of my own and with the passion of making desserts I was determined to bring Paris to the streets of Kanpur and spread it all over. And since all the cakes, pastries etc that I make, have a lot of layers we came up with the perfect name for our Bakery- “Layers”.

2) Why is “now” a good time for this idea to exist?

Uditaa Bansal- Inspiring startup stories

We have an advantage of starting now and there are various factors attached to it. The variety and quality of desserts offered by Layers are not available easily in the market.

Bringing all French Pastries like Choux, Entremets, Cheesecakes, Macarons, Marshmallows and much more is something very unique to the city.

Kanpur being a small city, it is easy to Market your product. Once you are out and your product is good it spreads like wild fire because of social media connect. (Whatsapp/ Instagram/Facebook)

People are fond of new products. They want to spend on something new, something different. Especially when it comes to distributing hampers to people on several occasions and that what we cash into.

3) What was the reaction from your family when you first decided to become an entrepreneur?

My family has been very supportive of me starting out my new venture. Encouragement has poured in from all corners. They have been my guinea pigs for my innumerable trials to perfect my dessert.

Also, Layers started out with small orders from friends and family which helped in its growth.

4) What was your biggest mistake in business and what did you learn from it?

I still do make a lot of mistakes and by far one mistake which I initially made is not to being open to things which I am not very confident of. I learnt that unless I practice more on those areas the fear of doing the same will remain forever.

5) What is your biggest obstacle in the next 12 months and how will you overcome it?

Uditaa Bansal- Inspiring startup stories

Biggest Obstacle that I do face now and probably it will take another year would be educating people about good quality desserts and developing their taste buds.

People are usually reluctant in ordering a new flavor. For example Passion Fruit. I don’t have many takers for this absolutely yummy flavor. Everybody likes to be in their comfort zone.

Overcoming this obstacle will take its due course. Some of the things that we are trying is giving out free samples of different flavoured cupcakes/macarons so that the consumer atleast tries a new flavor. This process has made a little difference and we do have experienced a little change in ordering from our regular customers.

6) What habits contribute to your success?

There are certain habits in an entrepreneur that makes them one. Most importantly is getting onto the floor. The first step is the hardest but half the battle is won when you do take that step.

A lot of attributes goes into starting something of your own which includes determination, Strong Will power, Innovation, Planning, Effective Delegation, not taking life too seriously and most importantly ignoring the naysayers.

Layers by Uditaa- Startup stories
Another major thing that I practice in my business is not compromising with the quality of product being used. It is okay to earn a little less but delivering the best is our motto.

7) If you had the opportunity to start this business again what would you do differently?

I would have worked upon the marketing of Layers a tad differently.

8) What is your favourite inspirational quote?

Uditaa Bansal- Inspiring startup stories

I have a few favourite inspirational quotes for all those who wants to start something new, something of their own, something where their heart is and something which they love is,

“Sometimes you just have to take the first step and all of your dreams can come true”  

“The act of taking the first step is what separates the winners from the losers”

“ Love what you do & do what you love.”  

9) Where do you find inspiration?

There is inspiration in everything. It doesn’t have to be something big or magnificent. The other day I was playing with my niece and she took out her toy of making shapes and figures from plasticine and immediately I got an idea of how I could use that toy to make some fondant decorations.

10) What is your favourite book?

My favourite book is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a book which talks about laws of attraction. There are three steps to it- Ask, Believe and Receive.

Also, other major thing that this book has taught me is the importance of gratitude. Be thankful to every little thing that comes your way.

11) What advice would you give to someone starting out?

The only advice that come from one entrepreneur to someone starting out is to “Believe in Yourself”. 

EOI Summary

Uditaa is unstoppable. Apart from the Pastry Empire she has recently started a full-fledged online platform that enables customers to explore her mouth-watering cakes. An entrepreneur in true essence, blending in with the latest advancements in the Market.

Layers has also been listed in Urban Sweets.

She has been successful in adapting to the changes and improvising her business according to the needs of the customers. Satisfying them not just with the best tastes but also with the best and most satisfying services.

The courage to chase your passion defines an entrepreneur. It is certainly not a path for everyone. But if you are in it for all the right reasons then there is nothing that can stand your way. Cheers to Uditaa Bansal!

Craving for a Layers’ cake? Click here to know more! Find Layers on Instagram now! 

Uditaa Bansal - Layers Pastry

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