Start Up Story – Episode 17 – Akshay Joshi – On Two Wheels


Entrepreneur Name: Akshay Joshi

Business Name: On Two Wheels

This week we hear the story of On Two Wheels, a travel adventure specialist forged in the hub of downtown Mumbai.

Everyone at On Two Wheels comes together for the sole purpose that is Motorcycling. On Two Wheels was incepted out of love for three things; Travel, Motorcycles & Food.
They lease out a wide range of motorcycles and strive relentlessly to provide motorcycles that are in top-notch condition to fit the needs of their users, be it commuting in the city, taking a weekend getaway or that epic motorcycle road trip that they have been planning. Their hire rates start from a competitive 550 INR per day. Sounds awesome, so lets meet the founder Akshay Joshi and hear his #startupstory. Welcome to EOIndia Akshay.

1) How did you get your idea for this business?

On Two Wheels was completely incepted out of the passion & desire to travel cross-country hopping onto our machines. After completing my graduation in 2014 from IHM Mumbai (Specializing in Kitchen & Patisserie) and working for 18 months in Adventure Tourism Sector, I had covered 1,50,000 kilometers in the span of 4 years.

I travelled across the country on my Royal Enfield. What I realized was that although there were many adventure travel companies taking their participants to different parts of the country, none of them provided an authentic travel experience; something, which touches your soul forever. We specialize in Cultural Motorcycle Experiences; our range of activities include Folk Dance, Musical Performances, Martial Arts & Cook along – essentially get an insight of what happens in day-to-day life of the locals. These motorcycle tours include stays that are carefully picked for one’s comfort, Royal Enfield 500cc along with Fuel along with a Back Up SUV for pillions & luggage along with our support staff – Experienced Ride Captain who is well versed with the terrain, a mechanic to ensure a breakdown free journey and a travel expert.

Motorcycle Rentals continues to be our primary vertical in Mumbai to ensure people don’t face the hassle of buying their own bikes & maintain them. We share the joy of motorcycling!

2) Why is “now” a good time for this idea to exist?

There have been radical changes in the Adventure Tourism sector. People are looking to try out new things and the stereotypical way of travel is becoming almost obsolete in the age group of 22 to 40. Motorcycle Tourism has been on the up since last 5-6 years.

3) What was the reaction from your family when you first decided to become an entrepreneur?

Born in a business family, I always knew the pros & cons of being an Entrepreneur. My father was the one who pushed the idea of me starting up at a young age and without his support & motivation, I think the last 17 months would be really difficult. I was 22 when I started on my own!

4) What was your biggest failure in business and what did you learn from it?

I think when you do something you are really passionate about, you tend to be emotional about it. One tends to make bad decisions, but we all learn from it.

5) What is your biggest obstacle in the next 12 months and how will you overcome it?

After a year full of research & ground work, we will have 2 more verticals adding to our operations by end of this year – Service Station & Motorcycle Coaching Academy. We will be conducting 4 Specialized Tours before March 2018; to over come all the challenges ahead, we are expanding our team post-October as I complete my MBA in Travel & Tourism during the same time.

6) What habits contribute to your success?

Haha, success is an illusion. The more we strive for it, the farther it goes – it is a never-ending desire. As a biker, I believe more in the journey than the destination.

7) If you had the opportunity to start this business again what would you do differently?

We constantly try to experiment with little things and try to make our services better for our customers. There is nothing that I would do differently but you have to keep coming up with innovative ideas to ensure the riders are having a great time on the road.

8) What is your favourite inspirational quote?

It is actually not a quote but something that I came across while doing some research for our Tibet Itinerary –

“Everest has become a symbol of everyone’s ultimate goal—the supreme example of mankind’s striving to reach the top. In a very real sense, we all have our own “Everest’s” to climb. They will not necessarily be true mountains, but we are all striving for summits of endeavor in our personal and professional Lives. And some of them, will be “Everest’s” in their significance and dimensions. Along the way, we will encounter difficulties; we will slip, fall, recover and climb again. And in the process of striving for the top—of overcoming these difficulties—we will be forced to push back the invisible barriers to growth, and we will discover our real selves and our real potential. In short, we will come to understand our strengths and to accept our limitations. We will come to appreciate the person we really are! And this is important because, unless we know who we really are, we can never know what we are really capable of!”

9) Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in riding my 6-year-old Royal Enfield; I make it a point to ride at least twice in a month along with a yearly pilgrimage trip to the Himalayas! Traveling across the boundaries and sharing the love & freedom of Motorcycles continues to aspire me to be better!

10) What is your favourite book?

I haven’t been much of a reader. In the past, whenever I got time, I chose to hop onto my motorcycle to explore something new over picking up a book. However I’m slowly developing a taste for reading books. I have read The SecretHow to win friends & influence people and Rich Dad, Poor Dad over the period of last 6 months.

11) What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Find something you are really passionate about & build your lifestyle around it. You will never be bored. Also, keep your customers close and team members closer. Keep a tab on the cash flow and constantly try and go back to doing research to upgrade your product/service.

I want to thank you guys for giving me an opportunity to put myself on such an incredible platform. This is very overwhelming and I want to wish you guys all the success for future endeavours.

Listen up guys, there is some great advice in Akshay’s words…”keep your customers close and your team members closer”. If we all did this our businesses would be growing even faster. Every business depends on these two factors – customers and staff. None will succeed unless you listen to both.

Thank you Akshay, we wish you continued success – a great story and great advice. Please check out the websiteand Facebook page. Don’t forget to check out the great books that Akshay mentioned. We will be back next week with more #startupstories

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  1. All the best Akshay for your venture. You have selected a very different line of business…. keep your passion high


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