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This week we are delighted to feature Bharat Ahirwar and in Episode 13 of #startupstories. Russsh is an on demand delivery service offering first mile and last mile solutions to individuals and businesses. Founded in 2012 and receiving their first seed funding in 2016, they are currently live in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai and have helped over 30,000 clients.

So let’s meet the founder. Bharat Ahirwar. Bharat welcome to eoindia, we are delighted to feature you and your company. Let’s dive straight into the questions.

1) How did you get your idea for this business?

Running errands was always a big responsibility for me as the oldest son in the family and it would always bite me at wrong times. Hence when I shut down my first venture I landed up discovering one of the biggest pain in a city like Mumbai. That is running errands and realised that there must be a million people who need help like me hence I started Russsh which was earlier known as Get My Peon.

2) Why is now the time for your company to exist?

Running errands is one of the most important feature of the human community. Right now the process of delegation is very well understood and hence it’s the right time for us to be present and in future as well.

3) What was stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur?

I always had an entrepreneur mindset from my childhood but I realised the concept much later. Coming from a middle-class background where the family would train you to take a safe step rather than jump and start your own business. The mindset of an individual stops him from being an entrepreneur change it and you will see the difference.

4) What was the reaction from your family when you first decided to become an entrepreneur?

I had to risk everything to chose the path of entrepreneurship. Since no one from my family had ever done business they all lacked the understanding and were completely against me, For almost 5 years I was a PG in my own house who would just come sleep and leave with no communication with anyone. Thankfully things turned out to be good and they understand everything now.

5) What was your biggest failure in business and what did you learn from it?

Being emotionally attached to the business.

6) What habits contribute to your success?

I am a very social person and i like to spend personal time working out or partying traveling cooking and cleaning these habits contribute to my success.

7) If you had to start your business again what would you do differently?

We lacked on technology when we started in 2012, if we get a chance again we would incorporate tech first in our business.

8) What is your favourite inspirational quote?

If you can’t break the wall, move to another one.

9) Where do you find inspiration?

I find my inspiration in travel.

10) What is your favourite book?

Trust Me I’m Lying

11) What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Find a problem that you would really like to solve and go all out regardless of the consequences. If your plan is to start and raise funds then just leave it. But if your plan is to start regardless of the funds and rely on paying customers then i would say start asap.

Bharat thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, we trust it inspires many others to get started. We wish Russsh much continued success in the future. Don’t forget to check out Russsh if you need something delivered in Mumbai and check out their Facebook Page. Bharat’s recommended book is below – buy it now on Amazon.

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