EoIndia All Set to Celebrate its Second Anniversary

Startup News- Entrepreneurs of India

Entrepreneurs of India (EoIndia) is going to celebrate its second anniversary on January 18th. Since its inception, Entrepreneurs of India has been in forefront of promoting budding entrepreneurs across India and is helping nurture the startup ecosystem of the country by sharing the stories and lessons from new Indian Startup companies.

Startup News -Entrepreneurs of India

How EoIndia was born

Two years ago, three friends, David, Nigel and Arif, sat together for a coffee in Calicut. Apart from coffee, one thing that united them was their keen passion towards entrepreneurship.

The coffee ignited their minds. An idea flashed!

What was it?

Helping entrepreneurs learn from each other by sharing stories of success and failure.

They decided to start an Instagram account dedicated to inspiring Indian Entrepreneurs with inspirational quotes from some of the worlds most successful businessmen and women.

After getting rave response from the followers, they started the second phase of their plan and EoIndia’s  most popular segment, #startupstories –  interviews from across the Indian Startup spectrum sharing stories of success and failure.

The Startup Stories emphasized budding entrepreneurs and provided them with a platform to voice their idea on entrepreneurship. The interviews with entrepreneurs unveiled many crucial aspects of how a startup works and how it can sustain.

Now EoInida has so far featured 43 Indian startups in this section.

Another category called ‘EOI SPOTLIGHT’ was launched last year to share the story of extraordinary entrepreneurial talents in India.

Moreover, there are reviews that help entrepreneurs, how-to blogs and blog series to guide them, and tips to elevate their businesses to success.

A peek into the important events in Indian startup ecosystem is provided through our Startup News bulletin.

From that humble Instagram account to the full-fledged website, our journey has been spectacular.

Now Entrepreneurs of India has become one of the most credible source of entrepreneurial information and updates.

About our founders
Startup news- entrepreneurs of India
Founders : (From left) David, Arif and Nigel (File photo).

Arif Muhammed : Arif is the energy house of EoIndia. He comes from Calicut. He’s the reason why you’re reading our vibrant startup stories. At EoIndia he sets up interviews with entrepreneurs. He’s also an aspiring entrepreneur who is interested in self-help and digital marketing.

David Blanchard:  David, hailing from Arizona, US,  is the tallest one among our team members. He’s settled in Calicut, India.  At  EoIndia, he is at the helm of our development team and every time we find a glitch we knock his doors!

Nigel Jennings:  Nigel is from Ireland. But India is his second home. He leads the editorial team at EoIndia but his job is much more than dotting i’s and and crossing t’s. He also handles strategy and content marketing.

Want to know the best part?

We are planning to celebrate on a grand scale. But we don’t want to miss you. So we have planned something for you! Stay tuned.

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