EOINDIA Invites You To Inspire Our Community!

    All you need to know about our #caretoshare campaign.

    EOI Startup Tips

    EOINDIA is overwhelmed by the support and love you have been showering upon us! We are always happy to share valuable information, tips, techniques and resources that help realize your business dreams.

    We learnt a lot things from you and we believe learning is all about sharing your ideas with others.

    So we proudly announce our new segment- #EoiCareToShare, where  you get exciting and helpful tips to adopt in your entrepreneurial life.

    But this time there’s a difference! EOINDIA and our community will learn from you.


    Because YOU are giving the tips.

    Yes, your words do matter! It’s a golden opportunity for you to get featured on our website and to inspire and interact with our community! Time to unveil the wisdom in your words.

    EOI Startup Tips

    What you have to do?

    1. Think of a tip that your learned or you would like share
    2. Go out and record your tip in a camera/ mobile phone
    3. Send it to our email info@eoindia.com with subject EOI CARE TO SHARE
      or WhatApp to 9847221227

    Here’s an example of how you should share your tip. Watch it!


    • The duration of the video should be 30 seconds- 3 minutes
    • Videos sent will only be published after the approval of our editorial board
    • EOI reserves the right to edit/alter the videos to suit the publishing requirement

    So would you care to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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