Asus E402N Laptop Review: Our Take on this ₹17K Notebook

Asus E402N Review

E402N is probably the most popular notebook from Asus. It is specially designed to suit your day-to-day work.

We, at EO India, have been using this laptop to write exciting blogs and articles. It comes handy for writers. Lightweight and small keyboard make this notebook a good option for our writers.

Let’s dig deeper and find out whether this notebook meets everyone’s expectations!

Asus E402N

Price: ₹16,999
Key Specifications
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Operating system: WIndows 10 (64 bit)
  • Screen: 14-inch
  • Weight: 1.65 kg
  • Hard drive : 32GB
  • Processor type: celeron
Design:The compact design instantly creates an impression. It’s stylish. The minimal approach promises convenience for users. The chiclet keyboard makes typing and other tasks easy. Moreover, you can easily carry it to anywhere you like. Even the charger is very small.  You don’t necessarily need a bag!

Performance: Even though small and not immensely powerful, this notebook serves its purpose. You can seamlessly browse, watch videos and do your office work.

Operating System: Asus E402N runs seamlessly on WIndows 10. It gives a great experience for users. The system boots up fast. You just need to switch on your computer and start working right away.

Price: E402N comes with an affordable rate. It costs between 16K- 17K, which is really good. You cannot find a better device at this price range.

Speaker: Asus has equipped this notebook with SonicMaster speakers which provide profound sound quality for audio files. It’s best-suited for music, movies and games.

Connectivity: It has a mosaic of options for connectivity like USB ports,  VGA, HDMI and Ethernet for LAN connectivity.


Memory: The notebook of this price range could have better memory capacity. The 2GB RAM does not go well with multitasking. So it’s obviously not choice for hardcore gamers and graphic designers. This notebook does not have the specifications for the games with heavy graphics.

It is too light for multitaskers who would love to stream videos, listen to songs, make video calls, upload content while they are working.  Moreover, the 32 GB hard disk discourages you from keeping big files like movies on your device.

Processor: The intel dual core processor works well only for minimal usage requirements. That is, it is designed only for the basic tasks.

Poor Multitasking Ability: SInce it’s designed for minimal needs, you cannot completely rely on this notebook for multitasking. E402N is not a best option if you’re working with highly advanced software suites.

Battery: E402N has an average battery backup of 6 hours.  But if you’re online it could drain within 4 hours. Asus could have used a more efficient battery for this device.


Asus has done an impressive job with this notebook.

It has everything you need to carry out your daily work such as drafting and sending mails, browsing,keep an account of your monetary deals, note down your important findings, arrange your files etc. But memory capacity is its Achilles heel.

If you’re into blogging or content writing, this is one of the best devices you can ever have. But there is not much hope for hardcore professionals. Still it gives the best at this price range.

Give your personal opinion, what did you most like/dislike about this notebook. 


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  1. Have you tried upgrading the RAM and the hard diskon this? Does it even have extra ram slots?
    Also, good review. Cheerio.


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