Amazon Prime Video to Introduce Short Video Content

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Video streaming service,Amazon Prime Video is reportedly working on introducing short-form video content that is under 15 minutes in length —which has now become be very popular on platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

Amazon is planning to put up under 15-minute videos such as music videos, trailers, comedies, and how-to videos on its platform.

“The massive surge in watch time on YouTube and the number of daily and monthly users since the launch of Reliance Jio are unbelievable and it was just a matter of time for Amazon to focus on this,” said a person familiar with the matter.

Short-form content has taken the digital world by storm with popular apps like TikTok (erstwhile Musically), a short-form video app hailing from Beijing’s ByteDance, which had its biggest month ever with the addition of 75 million new users in December 2018 — a 275% increase from the 20 million it added in December 2017.

Indian users are growing fond of short videos. According to a recent report, 85% viewers in India consume short-form video content on smartphones and Youtube, which is essentially a short video platform, dominates the minds of Indian viewers with over 180 million viewers.Amazon’s entry into short video content would be quite interesting to its subscribers across the globe.

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