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A Dancing Entrepreneur

One could always spot Kanchi Shah on a dance floor where she moves her body gracefully to the tunes of soothing music. She flows when she dances.

Her profound movements will sweep you off your feet! She is not just another dancing girl in the city, but a multifaceted versatile who put her heart and soul into dancing.

Her passion towards dancing made her the instructor of the prestigious Shiamak Davar International within a year of enrolling there as a student. There she taught a mosaic of dance forms such as jazz, hip-hop, ballet, bollywood and contemporary.

People often say you can’t dance at two weddings. But Kanchi has proved them wrong. She has mastered bellydance, belly fusion and choreography. She’s a fitness freak who handles Yoga classes and is also a certified Zumba instructor.

To keep the dancer in her intact and to encourage dancers, she founded Two Right Feet, an institute that teaches different dance forms to passionate dancers.

Kanchi Shah

Her superlative talent in different dance forms has made her the talk of the town. Now she’s one of the most sought-after dancer in Mumbai and she undertakes choreography for events like weddings and birthday parties.

When it comes to dancing, Kanchi doesn’t follow anyone’s footsteps. She strives to bring uniqueness in her choreography. She doesn’t want her students to put a foot wrong. So she tries to bring the best out of every dancer, for she believes every good dancer has an unshakable passion.

Her dancing skills have earned her scores of fans and clients. She recently conducted fitness workshops at renowned institutes such as Aditya Birla Academy, The Oberoi Mumbai and SP Jain Institute. She regularly conducts various training sessions and workshops across different locations in Mumbai. She puts her best foot forward wherever she goes.

At the zenith of success, Kanchi speaks about her journey. She realized her talent when she worked at Shiamak International. “I just had to turn my talent into business and that’s how Two Right Feet was born”, says Kanchi.

The only thing that keeps her amazed is dance. “I began dancing when I was just a kid”, recollects Kanchi. She believes dance is an eternal art that has immense possibilities.

In her opinion, everyone is a dancer. “Dancing is something which is important in everyone’s life. Everyone enjoys to dance, be it at a wedding or a party or sometimes even in the bathroom,” opines Kanchi.

Her parents wanted Kanchi to pursue higher studies. Later, they realized her dancing skills and backed her. “They understood being in dance industry was my way of learning,” Kanchi says.

Kanchi Shah

Kanchi has planned something big for next year. She wants to travel across India to promote dance and find fresh talents in dancing. She remains optimistic about people’s attitude towards dancing.

“I would like to connect with people and help them hone their dancing skills. Even those who have immense talent refrain from dancing due to inhibition.

I want them to overcome it and realize their talent”, says Kanchi. She hopes she could convince them about the merit of dance as an art that helps people express themselves.

So what are the most desiring qualities of a good dancer? In her opinion, they are discipline and passion. She feels that without them one cannot achieve anything big in life. But she is also aware of the importance of practice in a dancer’s life. “Diligent practice has also contributed towards my success”, she admits.

In her magnificent journey from being a dancer to a multi-talented entrepreneur, has she ever regretted over anything? “Not really. I don’t want to alter my mistakes that I did in past. Because mistakes made me stronger”, she says.

Kanchi Shah


As a dancer, she draws inspiration from her students, colleagues, family and mentors. The words that influenced her the most are ‘What you give is what you get’. “This one line changed my life and made me more focused and inspired to achieve great heights in my career,” she recollects.

Apart from dancing, Kanchi is also a prolific reader who loves reading the books that inspire her. Her favourite book is ‘Secret to Success’.

Kanchi Shah, with her amazing skills, has shown how you can transform your talent into business. Apart from monetary benefits, identifying your talent and working for it will give you a kick! She is an ardent fan of her dance teachers, Shiamak Davar and Meher Malik. “As a dancer, they influenced me deeply”, says Kanchi. Her favourite dance form is belly dance, which she would like to pursue further.

Kanchi’s dancing journey, started in 2003, continues to inspire every dancer as she is determined to look beyond the horizons and find new territories to burn up the dance floors!
“Grab every opportunity no matter how small or big and just go with the flow. Things will fall into place eventually”, she signs off.

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