5 Simple and Effective Ways to Impress Your Business Client

5 Great Ways to Impress Your Client

How to impress your business clients?

You’re likely to ask this question to yourself when you’re preparing to meet your client

Clients are the foundation of any business.

Clients easily turn you down if you don’t impress them. No matter what you offer them.

Though you’re an entrepreneur, your heart might sometimes skip a beat when you’re going to meet a client. Because you are aware that no clients mean no business.

So impressing a client is crucial. Clients don’t seek you. You should seek them. It’s solely your need to get clients to trust you.

Clients have choices. They can either choose you or any of your competitors.

So to earn a firm handshake from a potential client you should be unique.  

Here are some tips practiced and perfected by successful entrepreneurs to impress and win clients.

1. Power dressing

Entrepreneurs of India- Startup Tips

“Clothes make the man”- Mark Twain

Let’s get the most basic thing right  – the way you dress.

Dressing is much like self-expression. Recent research shows that you can increase your productivity when you dress well!

Why dressing is important?

Last year, one of my friends went to meet a client. He was an IIM -B graduate. He was confident. He had a unique business proposal to discuss with the client. But he goofed up!


A few wrinkles on his shirt were more than enough to turn him down.  He learnt how important dressing is when it comes to client meetings.

Dressing is a crucial element when you’re going to meet a potential client. Because your appearance defines you before you utter a word.

Snappy dressing is the best way to create a crucial first impression. Dress up in your best suit for the client meeting.

Don’t even forget the tiniest thing when you’re suiting up. Make sure your clothes are pressed and free from wrinkles.

Choose the right colour that matches the occasion. Usually formals are preferred for business meetings.

Believe me, even if you messed up everything in a client meeting, your dressing might come to the rescue.

So, click here to learn how to dress for your client meetings.

Here’s another interesting point:

A survey conducted by Newsweek magazine shows you can earn up to 5% more income annually by simply dressing well!

2. Do research on your clients

Entrepreneurs of India- Startup Tips

Knowing your client is important. You should have thorough knowledge about the clients you’re going to meet.

If you do research about your client, you can easily talk business and make a deal.

The communication will be smoother. You can close the deal within the given time slot.

A set of questions can be asked to the client to elicit more information. That’s the only way you can learn about the present status of your client’s business and design a specific strategy to their problem.

Clients will be surprised if you share what you knew about them. Because they will understand your excitement in collaborating with them.

Attending a client meeting without prior research may not bear fruit.  

Because if you don’t know who your clients are and what they are doing, you probably cannot address their problems. The clients might reject you.

Carrying out research on your clients is helpful in :

  • Identifying client problems
  • Maintaining a client profile
  • Understanding the financial status of the client
  • Making a list of your client’s competitors
  • Planning a strategy to boost business
  • Assessing the quality of the client’s products (customer feedback)

Here are the main sources you can use to gather client information:

  • Websites
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Newspaper
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Former employees of the client

3. Think like a client

Entrepreneurs of India- Startup Tips

Did you know what makes JPMorgan Chase one of the largest banks in the world?

Their great work philosophy:

The best way to look at any business is from the standpoint of the clients.
– Jamie Dimon (CEO & President, JPMorgan Chase)

You must have an idea about how your client thinks. Clients want you to boost their business.  They think about business, not the technology.

So instead of elaborating on your technological aspects, focus on how you can make an influence on the client’s business.

Here’s the deal:

Get into the shoes of your clients and think from their perspective. That’s the easiest way to earn the trust of your clients.

Before you suit up for a client meeting ask yourself –

“What would I ask for if I were a client?”

Thus, you can anticipate the questions and concerns of your client. Anything that helps your clients boost their business in a cost-effective way is a winner here.

Your client may not make a deal instantly, but you are likely to get a call if you also look at the deal from the client’s angle.

However, you should keep in mind your own business perspectives.

4. Value your client

Entrepreneurs of India- Startup Tips

This is tricky.

Usually, clients look at the way you treat them. So you should place them in an esteemed position before getting into the core part of the conversation.

When you’re meeting clients make them feel important.  But make sure you’re not flattering.

Share your excitement in working with them. The clients feel valued.  It helps.

Listen to your clients. It is the only way you can understand what they really expect from you. Note down their questions and address them properly, one by one.

Clarify their doubts. After all, your intention is to make your clients believe in you and let them know how you care about them.

Moreover, promise them proper customer support from the first meeting itself.  


Because 86 % of clients stop doing business with a company that does not provide good customer support.

Great service is an effective way for small startups to win new clients.

5. Use positive language

Entrepreneurs of India- Startup Tips

Positive language reflects your optimism. It is used to perceive everything from a positive side instead of the negative.

For instance:

  • I can’t be in office this afternoon. (negative)
  • I can be in office till noon (positive)

Either of the above expressions convey the same meaning.

No matter what the client says, your response should not hurt him. Being positive motivates your client.

There may be situations where your client discards your proposal. However, keep your warmth contact throughout the conversation. Do not use negative language.

Business has no room for rude communication. Be gentle with words. It’s part of business etiquette. Don’t be naysayer in business talks.

While discussing business with your clients, focus on solutions  rather than problems. Because it creates an impression that you are able.

Key takeaway

You have to be unique in every aspect to attract a client. Because a single flaw is enough for your competitor to outrun you.

Your goal when meeting clients is to make a mutually beneficial deal. Present the best version of everything before your client. Because they are your paycheck!

The strategies discussed above are easy to adopt and they guarantee overwhelming results.

So get them right if you want to create a lasting impression on your client.

Share the story of how you impressed your clients in the comments below.

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