4 Days in 3 OYO Rooms (A Review) – Part 1

Let’s see whether OYO rooms live up to our expectations.


It was a misty December. I was at Kovalam, a beautiful coastal town in  Trivandrum.  

As some of you might already know, Kovalam is notorious for being highly expensive, where you have to spend minimum ₹40 for a bite of parotta!  And hotels are no different.

You must probably spend a fortune to arrange a day’s stay at Kovalam. But I have a different story. I got a decent room with commendable amenities for just ₹1800 through OYO Rooms.

Yes, I caught a glimpse of the sunset without burning my pocket!

Are you planning a trip?

Then here is the review of OYO Rooms, which is based on my four days’ stay at OYO Rooms across three different locations in Trivandrum.

Let’s see whether OYO rooms live up to our expectations.

1. OYO 5344 – Hotel Oasis


This hotel makes you spend a few minutes to spot it. The exact location of hotel oasis is a bit difficult to find out. Even the local drivers don’t know where the hotel is.

It is near Bakery Junction. And the landmarks provided by OYO hardly help visitors. So I had to make a couple of calls to confirm the location.

However, we can easily access every important place in Trivandrum from this hotel as it is located in a calm corner of the city.

Hotel Oasis

Service & Staff

Since I landed a bit earlier than the check-in time, I contacted the OYO Team to avail early check-in facility.

The guy at OYO helpline was very responsive and he managed to get us early check-in option for ₹540.

I was quite happy that they quickly sorted out the problem. Because the hotel guys had turned down any possibility for early check-in when I had called them before my trip.

So remember:

If you want to check-in early, contact the OYO helpline instead of contacting the hotel reception. It works!

The staff were so welcoming and their hospitality is worth mentioning. We were provided a room with amenities.

As OYO promised, there were branded toiletries, clean linen bed sheets, well-maintained air-conditioner, WiFi and television.

However, the hotel didn’t provide branded packaged drinking water, which is a downside. Instead they gave us water in their separate bottles that didn’t bear any label.  

Moreover, there is no restaurant at the hotel. So you have to go to nearby restaurants. There are a lot of good restaurants around where you can reach by a 10 minute walk.

Oyo-rooms-review-hotel oasis


WiFi: Good, yet slower sometimes. 

AC: To turn on the air conditioner, you have to call the reception as the main power source to ac is controlled by the hotel, which may seem absurd to some people

Breakfast: My breakfast came between 8 and 9 in the morning. It’s good. They mostly prefer vegetarian diet, but the food quality was good. But there is no breakfast even if you make early check in at 6 am.

Television: The television wasn’t working on first day and I sought help from the receptionist. So one roomboy came and fixed it. There were a lot of good channels to choose from.

Toiletries: Oyo provides branded toiletries. I got a kit containing a soap,body lotion and shampoo. However, they could have included a toothpaste and shaving gel too.

Geyser: It worked properly and provided hot and clean water whenever needed. Thumbs up!

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