This 18-year-old designed the world’s lightest satellite.

India smallest satelite feature

Riftah Shaarook created KalamSat ,a 4-centimeter, 3D-printed cube that weighs 2 1/4 ounces,making it the world’s lightest satellite.This project was one of the 80 experiments selected through “Cubes in Spaces”,a student competition organised by NASA and the education company I Doodle.It is said to measure acceleration, rotation and the magnetosphere of the Earth.NASA will send the satellite on a four-hour, suborbital spaceflight, but it will only operate for 12 minutes in a microgravity environment.The satellite’s main purpose was to “demonstrate the performance of 3D-printed carbon” and see if the material can withstand the launch.Shaarook is the lead scientist at Space Kids India.He had also invented a helium weather balloon when he was 15.

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